Greg Whiskey Won’t Let Up and Snaps Yet Again on New Single “45” (Prod. Ashilee Ashilee)

Last featured for his immortal track “Funeral” Greg Whiskey returns with another Ashilee Ashilee produced banger “45” and this record isn’t a banger in the modern, typical sense but in a legendary way. Lyrically Whiskey will go down as one of the best to ever grab a pen and mic.

“It’s like I’m staring down the barrel of a 45, ready to blow” croons Whiskey.

As an artist your greatest quality will be your ability to be honest and dauntless in your music. Whiskey’s witnessed the highs and lows this perilous world has to offer and with conviction in his stride, a brilliant team and a story to tell, the sky’s the limit. “45” can blast on repeat, listeners can’t get tired of a voice this unique and a soul this open. Check out his latest single below and stay tuned for the official visual to “Funeral.”