J.Cole K.O.D Album and Miss Ikonic’s Podcast Reaction

I’m not into smoking weed myself but I am choosing to get high off J.Cole’s latest album KOD on this cannabis holiday. KOD stands for Kidz On Drugz, King Overdose and Kill Our Demonz, the depth in the acronym, expected and the lyrical intensity of this album – unmatched. There’s a superfluity of reasons why J.Cole deserves to be discussed in conversations of music eminence and this album catapults him to being in the top of Hip-Hops’ G.O.A.T list.

Laced with 12 irrefutable tracks and two features from Cole’s alter-ego Kill Edward  – simply put -it should be illegal to be this talented! We needed this album for the culture, to bring light to the reality of our current generation consumed by social media, experimental narcotics, goals of higher living only subconsciously through drug induced mental shifting and inabilities to cope with reality. KOD isn’t just another top-charting album but an album with purpose, intent, intelligence and modern generation reconnoissance. This compilation is vital for everyone, everyone can benefit from it’s content and execution. He’s got another number one album on his hands for sure!

J. Cole K.O.D. tracklist
1. Intro
2. K.O.D
3. Photograph
4. The Cut Off ft. Kill Edward
5. ATM
6. Motives
7. Kevin’s Heart
9. Once An Addict (Interlude)
10. FRIENDS ft. Kill Edward
11. Window Pain (Outro
12. 1985 (Intro To The Fall Off)

Miss Ikonic’s KOD Podcast Reaction

I, Miss Ikonic, released my reaction via Podcast to Cole’s album. KOD, a solid body of work full of remedies we need as a people to confront our actuality and it dares us to get closer to self. Sent into a head bobbing frenzy and constantly having to turn my face up like something stinks because of how potent this project is, only begins to describe my reaction. You’ll have to listen to hear my true response, check it out below.


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