Ikonic Visual: Sophia Danai – “Come Thru”

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to an artist that literally pulls me into her moment, into her pain through her music. Sophia Danai yanked my soul off the couch and threw it into this visual for her latest single “Come Thru,” a riveting penned tale of a relationship that has dwindled to the pits of despair while trying desperately to hold on. A woman, a strong entity but when provoked – the most lethal. 

You feel this record, it’s entangled in love, realizations, strength and a vocal performance so stunning it sends chills up your spine. 

Danai, the fed up songstress, acknowledges that it’s time to let go so when is he going to come thru to get his s***? It appears he came too late, check out her latest visual below to see what she does!

Sophia Danai sings:

And we started yelling every time we getting wasted 

How did all the loving that we made turn to hating

When you gonna come thru 

Come get your god damn s*** out my god damn way


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