Domo Wilson Releases Her Monumental Album ‘Hear Me Now’

What does it take to become legendary – being you – organically and eternally. Youtube sensation, artist, songwriter and most importantly mother, Domo Wilson releases her monumental album Hear Me Now dripping with her truths, lifestyle choices and empowerment. Laced with 13 heartfelt, lyrically motivating, emotional and candid tracks doused in her life revelations makes this a timeless body of work.

“Domo Wilson represents beautiful controversy.” – Miss Ikonic  

The openly gay creative touches on her perils, turbulence, beauty and freedom on records like “I Wanna Be Me” and “To Domonic” and gifts us lessons to learn from in records like “Becoming Myself.” Titling Wilson a conscience artist would be an understatement. She’s more than just conscience but truly in tune with innate being – audacious by design. A project full of this much life from such a young rising star gives us all hope, encouragement and of course something to vibe out to; check it out below!