Chika Freestyles on Funk Flex

Alabama native and New York based artist Chika stops by Funk Flex for one lyrically laced freestyle over Miguel’s “Come Through and Chill” instrumental. She’s garnered some much deserved attention recently so , of course, Flex had to let her come and bless the mic. She started off with a very smooth croon of “Hello stranger” and then she slides into some bars. The way Chika jaunts over the beat reminds true hip-hop fans of why we love hip-hop in the first place for it’s story-telling, cocky undertones and ability to breed some of the music industry’s most legendary talents. If you thought she was just popping in the music game and then leaving, your wrong, she’s here to stay check out her freestyle below. 

Chika raps:

And my flow impeccable, on point like a decimal 

Standing over n****s I suggest you eat your vegetables 

I make killing ethical

Coming for the slaughter cuz I am my daddy’s daughter but I flow so hard they looking for my testicles

There’s more…

Check out Chika’s response to Kanye Wests’ recent slew of controversies. She lyrically preaches over his timeless “Jesus Walks” instrumental. It’s no doubt that West has evolved but for better or worse, listen to what Chika thinks below. 

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