Hardo – “Fame or Feds” (Prod. Stevie B)

What makes hip-hop, hip-hop isn’t the banging 808’s or flashy jewelry or lyricism of upper echelon living but the truths that lurk in the penned tales of every true artist to bless a mic and create this thing we call music. Hardo ,an infamous Pittsburgh native, with a knack for this art of story-telling mentioned above releases his latest single “Fame or Feds.”  A phrase we’ve heard before with his notorious mixtape’s Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks), 2011 and Fame or Feds 2, 2013.  His triumphs – undeniable – and his flow – effortless.

This record hearkens in a pleasingly reminiscent tone to some of his earlier works like “Stressing” and “Drug Related” but swells with growth and intelligence gathered over years of fast-living, street life and near-death experiences. Which plagued the question, “Fame or Feds?” It’s obvious he picked the right route – fame. 


Check out Hardo’s “Smile” featuring Latia below as well!


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