Jessie Reyez – “Body Count”

The Canadian native songstress Jessie Reyez releases her highly anticipated and empowering single “Body Count.” A melodic female liberator no doubt and the perfect artist to sing a song with this type of controversial lyrical content. She croons, “I dodge d*** on the daily,(yeah) I know it’s funny but it’s true.” Reyez, audacious in her creative execution separates her from the masses. This record, blunt like her hit single “Gate Keepers” with a more jovial, bouncy production but the same penned frankness. A classic tune by design infused with a topic oh, so prevalent; a must listen!

Every woman will love this record and every man can appreciate it – a win, win!

“Time won’t let ya stay young so we don’t care what they say we gone love who we wanna love.”

-Jessie Reyez “Body Count”


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