Ikonic Spoken Word: Aaliyah Esprit – ‘Words Unlocked’

“…skin not light enough, lips too big and s***, are our features only beautiful when other races feature them?”

– Aaliyah Esprit 

The amount of written vigor in Aaliyah Esprit’s latest short film and spoken word compilation “Words Unlocked” is enough to send chills up your spine with its controversial truths, empowerment of cultural beauty and realizations of how the past can shape your present. Her eerie and deliberate delivery juxtaposed with this stunning visual makes “Words Unlocked” a must listen. The Nottingham, England native artist, songwriter and poet has a knack not only for singing but for the true art of combining words to tell a story and to reveal pieces of her that she may have kept hidden otherwise. 

She captivates every listener with puissant lines like, “Writing lyrics before I eat for the day, I guess that’s the way it goes cause’ I’m trying to turn my hobby into a business, craft my art and sell my product like a dealer in his whip does.” If you love power with your words, adversity with your soul and tea with your societal gossip then Esprit’s got you covered, a daily listen!

Watch “Words Unlocked” below!