Alex Bent + the Emptiness

Canada native Alex Bent + The Emptiness releases this Gwen Stefani influenced track doused in emotion amid a climactic performance from the budding creative.  Lyrically this record radiates with intense truths, the relentless reality of time, separation, love and the cognizance of necessary self-renewal. The “Hollaback Girls” by Gwen Stefani sample gifts this record familiarity but still wails with Alex’s vocal idiosyncrasies. You can literally leave this track on repeat and vibe out with its aura, content and polished sound. “Gwen Stefani” serves as a teaser to his EP Vanilla Blue set to premier on May 18th with a full length album in the works for a 2019 release.

Alex reflects, when I listen to “Gwen Stefani,”I feel like smashing everything in my room. It’s a victory song, a song about starting over. The third single from my upcoming Vanilla Blue EP, “Gwen Stefani” features additional vocals from Jack Larsen (Kevin Abstract collaborator) and production from Connor Barkhouse (Brockhampton affiliate), Riley Deacon and myself.”

Vanilla Blue EP drops May 18th in the meantime check out “Gwen Stefani” below.