Chloe Olivia Release their Debut Single “Gilded”


Oklahoma native and Utah based indie-pop artist duo Chloe Olivia release their enchanting debut single “Gilded.” The two singer-songwriters meld their piano chantey past with an electronic-pop future. Their haunting and captivating vocals juxtaposed with their apparent knack for narrative laden lyricism makes them a truly dynamic pair.

“Gilded” listens with stunning quality amid delving into the lack of transparency in the modern generation. A generation dedicated to its facades, social media validations and eagerness to impress those who subsist in a bluff themselves. This single showcases the true wisdom of two young rising stars and their fearlessness to convey messages in their music that they desire.

Chloe Olivia reflects, “Gilded felt like a fossil to us. It already existed, and we just had to uncover it. The song explores human nature, and how we often seek to gild our lives as to appear golden to others. We live in an age where is is easy to create a façade for others to see. This song, in a way, seeks to expose that and encourage authenticity.”

Chloe Olivia will release another single this summer leading up to the full-length album, in the meantime overdose on “Gilded.”