Ikonic Visual: Donna Missal – “Girl”

“When women hate on other women everybody loses.”

                                                                                               – Donna Missal

Donna Missal, last featured for her seductive single “Thrills” returns with this audacious and empowering new record “Girl.” Another impressively effortless vocal performance from the young songstress this time lyrically detailing the imperfections of the modern day interactions between women rather that be physically, on social media, in entertainment etc. Women are a much stronger force united than divided. Missal in her raw, natural and a bit damp beauty faces the camera and sings to us in this simplistic yet vivid visual. Check it out below. 

Donna Missal reflects, “It’s been amazing to see this huge influx of art and music and media by women and for women – intended to support and encourage every kind of women to claim our space. I think its important to identify what makes us stronger and louder, and we have proven that we can shift the culture around us by coming together to address our common issues and goals. When we criticize and attack one another, we diminish our voice in the conversation for equality and social change. Our society and the way we reflect it through public outlets has always been quick to pin us against each other, and encourage comparison. That s*** is tired, it’s done, let’s make it stop. like this f***ing bra and this f***ING makeup, we don’t need this shit. We can want it, we can use it, but we don’t need it. I hope you feel that.”