Ikonic Visual: Boogie – “Self Destruction”

Compton native rapper and recent Shady Records signee Boogie releases the Justice Baiden directed and AJR films produced visual for his lyrically vivid single “Self Destruction.” This track has instant head-bobbing, turn your face up in admirable disgust type of appeal. The theatric, eccentric and trance-like video brings his personality to the forefront. Boogie, an obvious lyricist, creatively touches on the state of our modern generation from street credit, to facades and hustle amid cocky undertones and an effortless delivery from the rising star. His self destruction or his necessary out of body written reflection? We’ll let you be the judge check out the visual below. 

Boogie raps:

Oh shit this that part I say I’m livin’ what I rap ’bout
Talkin’ bout your debit ’til your street cred get you maxed out
I ain’t read yo’ caption I just seen she had her ass out
Bragging ’bout your xannies ’til I’m smackin’ while you passed out