Priscilla Renea Releases Spine Chilling New Single “Let’s Build a House”

Priscilla Renea last featured for her riveting record “Family Tree” off her upcoming album, ‘Coloured’ out June 22nd returns with another album single release entitled “Let’s Build a House.” This track oozes with a hair-raising vocal performance, wickedly insane metaphors and an unruffled fusion of genre shifting from soul to country to rock. “Let’s Build a House” takes listeners on a lyrical movie gliding through scenes of relational struggles, highs, low, persistence, adversity and completion. Companionship something like a home must be built on a sturdy foundation not quick-sand or trivial promises.

Renea encapsulates the essence of a brawny alliance amid one head-shakingly remarkable vocal execution.

She croons, “Let’s build a house, tear this one down, might take a while but it’ll be ours ,let’s use the stones that everyone’s thrown ,we need a sanctuary of our own.”

If you don’t feel those lyrics you don’t like substance and that’s okay, carry on, but if you do feel it; indulge below. 

Renea reflects; “All of the stories on this album, everything is true,” she explains. “Everything was a flow; it was all synergy. We wrote the songs irrespective of what we thought was gonna make 10 good songs; we just wrote, and then we picked the ones that we were drawn to the most.”