15 Records in 15 Minutes: Peer Inside Tierra Whack’s Eccentric and Wacky World

If we’re talking out-of-this-world, quirky, peculiar lyrical free spirits then we must be talking about Tierra Whack and her 15 minute Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Léger directed visual to her 15 minute album full of 15 irrefutable tracks. That’s a lot of 15’s and to think in those 15 minutes you will witness Whack’s conscious and subconscious minds combine through the artistic expression of this little thing we call music. The Philadelphia native battle rapper turned true artist reeks with the genius Kanye multiple personality effect in this latest compilation. 

Doused in nostalgia and freedom Whack represents everything she’s experienced with her lyrical reflection and her intrepid knack for being unapologetically – her. In a generation consumed by superficial superiority and social fame Whack remains authentic and experimental in her sound and her person. Musically she engulfs us in substance and awareness of the world around her and the one she creates.

Kicking off this legendary visual with “Black Nails” featuring some exceptional nail art and some potent opening lines “Best believe I’m gon’ sell / If I just be myself,” to the gripping conclusion with “Waze;” there’s no doubt about it – this body of work is undeniable! Whack with her vocal distortions, genre shifting and apparent appreciation for the arts, it’s obvious that this is the beginning of her ascend to true Stardom, the kind where you fulfill your life’s purpose being – simply – you without fear of societal reprimand or label constraint; indulge below.