Ikonic Album – HTHAZE – ‘Aporia’

Atlanta based Pop/RnB solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer,  HTHAZE releases the follow up to his debut album Nimbus with Aporiaa body of work that revolutionizes the art of genre drifting. HTHAZE gifts us RnB and hip-hop vibes in songs like “Loose Lips” then gets brilliantly bipolar on us for the experimental rock, soul vibes in songs like “Take My Time.” His influences include Hoodie Allen, The 1975, Terror Jr, and Pryde.

Musically his tunes hearken like lyrical expression amid sounds that seep below the surface of the bulk of superficially substance-less music that’s out now while resting on some influences from the past and present. HTHAZE took the time to release a body of work that glosses over topics of love, groovy distortion, confidence, growth and inevitable realities. Check out Aporia below.