Devvon Terrell “You Different”

The crooning Social Media sensation and Brooklyn native singer-songwriter and all around creative Devvon Terrell finally releases his Instagram teased single “You Different.”

Lyrically, let’s go ahead and place Terrell in an elite list amongst this generations most notable lyricists.

This record takes listeners through a tale of adorable crushing and new beginnings amid his impeccable aptitude for flow-switching. You can’t get bored listening to a record by Terrell because he doesn’t allow it from his melodic changes, to his vocal eccentricities and his undeniable scrunch-your-face-up-in-noteworthy disgust effect; he’s simply a well oiled machine that produces quality sound and a quality listening experience. Music, one of the most archaic forms of storytelling, truly rears its head with an artist such as this one.  “You Different” is an anthem for those in awe of a new love interest that’s nothing like the rest; check it out below. 

Devvon Terrell sings:

I’m your type no way, you just made my day

Sliding in my DM, I’ve been stalking on your page

I would never show you my excitement to have ya

But got damn, I can’t front, I’m feeling like I got it