3D Na’Tee – Ella Mai “Boo’d Up T.Mix”

When it comes to undeniable lyricists if 3D Na’Tee isn’t on your list you’re not just sleep but comatose!

She takes to Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” instrumental for her latest penned lashing gifting us punchline after punchline. The way this Queen rides a beat is a result of relentless practice and a true love for written expression. Na’Tee’s remix lyrically is unmatched sifting from blunt, raunchy lines to festive word play further emphasizing her ascend to music eminence. No novice to the rap game but a definite asset warping mediocre artists into admirers. A pen game this wicked can only be described as simply ikonic;check it out below. 

3D Na’Tee raps:

But if I had a boo it would be you that I would honor 

Be your wife and baby mama , cut my roster like a line up  

Get it condo in Wakanda , give you sex to you go bonkers  

Cause you know in the bedroom I last longer than a Honda