suni:mf & A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth Go Off on New Single “Go OFF”

Atlanta based artists and songwriters suni:mf and A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth have been teasing the release of their new single “Go OFF” for a couple weeks and now it’s finally here! This Jay Rewind produced and Eric the Engineer mixed and mastered record is nothing shy of a purely organic summertime, dance vibe. Lyrically each artists snaps on their verses spouting out punchlines imbued with penned acumen amid their overweening powers of female persuasion.  

What makes them ikonic – well, they’ve released a song actually laced with verbiage instead of the modern repetition of the same phrase over and over and then calling it a “record.”

“Go OFF,” a record by its original design of a catchy hook and loaded verses separates it from the masses with the familiarity of modern party vibes. Check out your new favorite dance anthem below!



More from suni:mf and A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth below.

suni:mf social: Soundcloud x Twitter x Instagram

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