After Quite the Hiatus Nas Resurfaces with a Kanye West Produced Album

Say what you want about Kanye but his talent is undeniable and unmatched. The ikonic hip-hop God, Nas releases his first album in six years. We’ve heard him on features like Khaled’s “It’s Secured” and “Nas Album Done” but not a full album in a little over half a decade.

Excellence takes time. 

This new generation, submersed in Insta-fame and Insta-“success” doesn’t fully grasp the long-waited but ageless effects produced when one takes true time to hone their musical crafts.

Nasir laced with seven wickedly penned tracks represents the heartbeat of this torpid generation. Remember that bob-your-head, I-felt-that, hip-hop; well that’s what we’ve waited six years for something we can bump six years or 60 years down the line.

With lines like, “I’m looking in longevity’s eyes, I play with infinity’s mind, forever’s my guy,” we know that he plans on having quite the immortal music existence.

West and Nas prove to be a lethal duo. Check out , what will be one of the best albums of 2018 below.

Listen here.

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