Ikonic Visual: Domanique Grant – “Investment”

What is music but melodic metaphors?

Toronto native singer, songwriter and dancer Domanique Grant releases the first single off her debut EP Playhouse, set to release August, 2018 with this Kuya produced single “Investment.” This record oozes with lyrical metaphors of exactly how love can be an expense amid one truly stunning vocal performance from the budding star. The 88 Everything-directed and Hollywood Jade and Raelynn Chase choreographed visual takes viewers on her display of yet another creative outlet – the art of dance. She allows her body to absorb her potent lyricism, singing lines such as, “If love was measured in dollars, I’d probably be broke, because I invested everything I had in you.” 

A relationship that produces no dividends can either be taken as time wasted or a lesson learned. Grant learns her lesson, channels her recover through music and gifts the world an anthem for relational rehabilitation; indulge below. 

Grant reflects, “Written for anyone who has ever been screwed over in a relationship, โ€œInvestmentโ€ is an anthem that investigates the meaning of self love and relationships in a modern age of non-committal dating culture that weโ€™re taught to accept and accustom to without question.”