Leuca & Mike Green – “Right Now”

Do you know what never truly goes out of style – real singers – they are eternal!

Singer and songwriter Leuca releases his Mike Green produced lead single off his Don’t Tell Me What To Do EP , set to release July 11th, with “Right Now,” a record inundated in pithy lyricism, head-bobbing, body swaying melodies and production amid aurally gratifying vocals. This track listens with ease, evocative story-telling and repeat capabilities. Leuca showcases his range and songwriting abilities giving us a record about attempting to press play in a relationship where you keep hitting rewind. 

Greens production wraps faultlessly around Leuca’s tone and execution, making them quite the compelling duo. Their joint project will be coming to our ears soon but in the meantime leave “Right Now” on replay.

Leuca reflects”… a song that I wrote about being in a gray area of my relationship. There was no clear motive for where the relationship was heading, almost like it had reached its climax and everything was about to come crashing down.

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