Miss Ikonic’s Drake ‘Scorpion’ Podcast Reaction

Can Drake lose – apparently not!

Drake finally releases his dual-album Scorpion exploding with 25 sure fire tracks amid features from the legendary Jay-Z and Michael Jackson to name a few. It’s safe to say that he is one of the few artists that can drop an album with 25 tracks and the world listens to ALL 25. You can leave Scorpion on and just let it play out, nothing to skip, just let it ride. It’s an arduous task in this day and age to captivate the attention of your audience even greats like Nas and Kanye dropped short seven song albums but of course Drake being the G.O.A.T he is, dropped an album laced with a quarter century worth of records, none of them lacking in substance.

From lyrically riveting records like “Emotionless” to catchy vibes like “Mob Ties” to emotional tracks like “Jaded” he’s got all your bases covered. The beauty of an artist like Drake is his simple-complexity and ability to tap into your subconscious stating your very thoughts on relationships, world turmoil, naysayers and achievements. Drizzy isn’t afraid to be open and revealing in his music thus making his bodies of work living memoirs. Scorpion, his fifth studio album, hearkens like a compilation from someone who’s been in the game quite some time; he’s honed his crafts in a universal way – legendary definitely, ikonic with out a doubt.

Listen to my podcast reaction below where I touch on why I believe Drake will go down as one of the Greatest of All Time, his child, lyrics, production and more!