Los Angeles Based Artist Jessie Munro Releases Silken New Single, “Under Fire”

Berklee College of Music graduate, Toronto born and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Jessie Munro releases this gallant, modern-electro R&B/pop infused single with “Under Fire,” a record focusing on the pressures of social expectations and constantly feeling scrutinized by others. 

Substance produces longevity.

With her debut EP On My Own set to release late this summer, she kicks off the six track intended project with this sultry, funky and deliberate single saturated in robust vocals in the midst of amalgamating sounds from now and then. A record that can stand in and out time. Something about Munro’s voice reels you into her moment, swathing you into layers of colorful production and deliberate lyricism. Music with therapeutic tendencies like “Under Fire” makes it playlist and replay worthy allowing listeners to know that they are not alone in feeling under siege from societal pressures and a cacophony of statements from despondent spirits. More than just a pretty face but a soul to match; listen below. 

Munro reflects on how she felt she was “under fire” from everyone in her life and the song is the realization that other peoples opinions aren’t always definitive.