Young M.A Releases New Anthem “Petty Wap”

If you want longevity in the music business – plan your releases strategically, keep your circle small, stay true to yourself and evolve – the rest will fall into place. 

Young M.A releases the follow up single to her popular track “Praktice” with “Petty Wap,” a loaded lyrical weapon shooting out bullets for all the naysayers and public doubters. A denizen of hip-hop with bars flowing from her being, it’s not a matter of if she’ll ever let up – she won’t. From early hungry releases like “Body Bag” to effortless tracks like “Petty Wap” it’s evident that she knows how to keep some calm in her storm but still enough production and beat-ridden saavy to get your head-bobbing and body swaying. Being an adult in a time period drenched in ersatz, wanna-be musicians, it’s nice to have an artist like M.A in our generational fold. 

With lines like, “S on my chest and I keep a cape around,” it’s safe to say that she feels like a hero to this hip-hop game amid her own personal, relational monopolies. Haughty by earned musical accolades but still remaining down-to-earth she melds the best of both personality worlds. “Petty Wap,” definitely an anthem for the summer amid replay likelihoods; indulge below. 

Young M.A raps:

Pull up, beat the block like a a** whooping / Stash box, keep the stash in it, racks in it

Bought that b**** a Fashion Nova dress just to see her a** in it

Twerk for my Instagram, she just got a 100 missed calls that’s her man, damn

Oh that’s your n**** now huh, you said you wasn’t with him now you with him now huh?

Listen to more music from Young M.A below. 

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