Canada’s Own KROWNS Releases Ageless New Single “HIGH WHILE THE WORLD ENDS”

 Credit :  Chris Doi
Credit :  Chris Doi

Canadian collective KROWNS releases this addictive and infectious new single “High While the World Ends” dripping in intoxicating, stuck-in-your-head melodies, metaphors and a powerful lyrical message melding alternative-rock and hip-hop. 

The record officially releases tomorrow but you are getting a first listen here! 

This robust and hypnotic single is the debut contribution from chieftain Kyle McKearney under the KROWNS sobriquet. In a generation that has all the technology and resources at its’ finger tips it’s always pleasing to hear when someone utilizes that wealth correctly cultivating dateless records like this one. 

“High While the World Ends” was produced by Grammy-winning producer Stephen “Koz” Kozmeniuk, who produced Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker the Berry” off his world-altering album To  Pimp a Butterfly and most recently he’s worked alongside Dua Lipa. The colossal production brings this record around full-circle amid it’s rousing melodies and therapeutic lyrical content – this record will make quite the splatter on the music scene. 

“The song is about rising above what we can’t control, finding a way to keep our heads up when it seems impossible,” says McKearney about the new track. “It is the honesty and conviction in these stories that touch home by relating to our own life experiences. They allow people from all ends to empower themselves, live authentically, and be triumphant in their own way.”