Ikonic Visual: Kiyanne – “Boo’d Up Remix”

It’s obvious who really should have been on the official Ella Mai “Boo’d Up Remix” – Kiyanne – who spreads nothing but lyrical warfare on her take on one of the hottest songs of summer ’18. True to her creative nature she puts a spin on the original content by showcasing how men approach women. More than a Love and Hip-Hop New York reality star, Kiyanne can really rap and can probably out rap some of your favorite rising MC’s releasing nothing but heat and this is just the latest scorcher. 

The visual showcases a jersey rocking Kiyanne attempting to swerve on a guy who walks by. He didn’t give her the play she wanted so true to a typical male response she begins to offend him. This rendition is so spot on to how the typical male approaches a woman; indulge below. 

Kiyanne raps:

I’m not worried bout who DOWN for u choose UP / Yea that’s me could be we US if we boo’d up

Why u acting like u too good? Yo knock it off /U say u Gucci to ya socks til i knockem off

Yea .. make u miss it after u kiss it / We both singular and got bars so the connection different

So I’m not who u wana front on u feel me?