Tokyo Jetz Snaps on New Single “No Problem”

When it comes to favorite MC’s of this generation, Hustle Gang’s own Tokyo Jetz must be at the top of your list, laced with grit, unparalled lyricism, apparent allure and a true knack for making head-bobbing, something-you-can-feel type records. The Florida native firecracker releases a new anthem for the tenacious and independent female with her latest single “No Problem.” Jetz can really spit, no cute, mumble rap doused in wordplay of flashy cars and credit card swiping living but indeed that real, rapping-from-experience kind of quality and substance.

Jetz represents real hip-hop, the kind of hip-hop that tells stories, the kind of hip-hop that will last in and out time, the kind of hip-hop that makes your face scrunch up in praiseworthy disgust. Listen to “No Problem” below. 

Tokyo Jetz raps:  

Like let me get him / Need no n**** for no paper
Can you holla
N**** I don’t need yo problems nah f*** that
You prolly got a b****, come wit a kid
Come wit a ring, come wit a crib
And I ain’t got no time to chill wit no p****

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