Toronto Duo Cleopatrick Release New Revealing Rock Single “Youth”

Music serves as one of the most therapeutic entities, a realm of release for those who create and those who partake in its’ medicinal uses.

Ontario native alternative-rock duo Cleopatrick, comprised of front-man Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser, release this divulging new single “Youth” hemorrhaging with built-up emotion, lyrical woes and adult consciousness. Adolescence, one of your most susceptible ages of influence thus shapes your personal verdicts, confidence and outcome if you let it.  Cleopatrick refuses to allow their bullied and oppressed past to pattern their present and future.

Finally releasing feelings horded for years this single rings with robust sound, heated delivery and a timeless edge. Listen to “Youth” below!

Cleopatrick reflects, “In the depths of my confusion, I would compare myself to the boys around me. Was I really more noble or was I just another lame kid wasting my youth, skipping parties to play guitar in my basement? It was a struggle between reserve or over-indulgence. “Youth” illustrates this struggle using the symbol of a cigarette – the idea of indulgence, regardless of who it hurts or what it does.”