Astha Releases Divulging New Single “More”

If you enjoy sounds from Sabrina Claudio, Mahalia, Ella Mai and Alina Baraz you’ll love this new rupturing single from singer-songwriter Astha “More.”

Music, the best remedy for sorting out ones thoughts, renders true in her latest record engulfed in pensive lyricism, foreshadows, admission and throwing out apprehension, allowing ones self to live in the moment. There’s no how-to on how to be in love, for every vessel is different but how you conquer the woes reveals your relational strengths. Astha’s single represents learning how to love with the one you love. A listening experience that hearkens like lessons well-versed and challenges accepted; indulge below.

Astha reflects, “It represents both the struggles of a relationship – feeling frustrated, lonely and misunderstood – and the calm after the storm, where your love for that person helps you set your differences aside. I’m still learning to practice unconditional love, but the practice of it makes me a better person.”

Astha sings:

We are sitting here alone / In this empty room
Caught up in all these crazy feelings
I don’t know, if they’re real?  / And I cannot read your mind
But I can feel your heart / So why don’t you
Lay it on me / I’ll lay it on you

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