Ikonic Visual: YK Osiris – “Timing”

Jacksonville native and recent Def Jam signee YK Osiris follows up from his break out viral single “Valentine” with this undeniable track entitled “Timing.” An emotional shift for sure from a more impassioned lyrical outcry like “Valentine” to this self-confident latest release it’s evident he represents some musical dexterity. YK Osiris assures us that he’s focused on his coins, his elevation and his music. To all those who doubted or want to bandwagon now – he’s not interested!

The upper echelon visual , which has amassed over 600,000 views in merely two days, displays his current amenities, cash-flow and beautiful women amid his opulent lifestyle. His vocal grasp has matured vastly in just a few short months which you hear in his raw a cappella rendition featuring Einer Bankz and even in the studio version; check it out below.

YK Osiris sings:

I’m the hottest in my city
Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with me
Now I’m hopping out that Bentley
Money on my mind, money on my mind

I got my mind on the money whatchu’ doin’?
I’m gettin’ paper young nigga I’m pursuing