Wiz Khalifa Releases Highly Anticipated Sequel Project ‘Rolling Papers 2’ Featuring Gucci Mane, Jimmy Wopo, Hardo and More

Even if you don’t indulge in the stoner life you can still get high off Wiz Khalifa’s latest release Rolling Papers 2.

We’ve waited patiently and Wiz Khalifa delivers; yet another legend to release an album with a quarter century worth of tracks amid features from Gucci Mane, Jimmy Wopo, Snoop Dogg and Hardo to name a few. Khalifa’s evolution as an MC rears its’ conspicuous head with this most recent body of work cascading over genres of hip-hop, soul and pop all the while delving into lyrical topics of affluence, ganja references of course, relations and or relationships and his impeccable hustle to name a few. After teasing this release for the past three years we can appreciate that it auscultates like time well spent – an evolution of sorts. This isn’t a mixtape or EP but indeed a collaborative and soon to be fabled compilation of true records.

If you like your music doused in trap Wiz gifts you records like “Blue Hunnids” with verses from fellow Pittsburgh natives Hardo and a posthumous feature from Jimmy Wopo. If you like records to smoke to he’s got you covered with tracks like “420 Freestyle” and even RnB vibes like the ever-popular “Something New” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Khalifa swarms his project in production opulence with beats from 30 Roc, Sledgren, Young Chop and TM88 to name a few. Which track will be your favorite, only time will tell, in the meantime leave Rolling Papers 2 on repeat – its been a long time coming – Tidal, Spotify, iTunes etc. 

 “This is as important as my first album,” Wiz said. “That’s the mark I want to make and that’s how I’m coming into it. I had this great career to stand on and all this work I’ve done, but let’s strip all of that away and focus on what I’m about to do right now. This is my time to prove what I’m made of now. F*** what we’ve done before. We done that, that’s done now.”

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