Sara Diamond Releases this Infectious Vibe with Two New Singles “Foreword” and “Latter”

Singer-songwriter Sara Diamond releases two contagious singles “Foreword” and “Latter”, both lyrical therapeutic entities wafting over open, pocket-fitting production and sultry vocals from the rising star. No pupil to the music scene having sang on her mother’s children’s record label at the tender age of five amidst never letting go of her love for sound and its curative powers; it’s no wonder Diamond’s music heeds like experience. Her sanity tone and range thus leads to you listening to both singles on repeat.

Over the past year, Sara has amassed over 10 million streams, through her own projects and collaborations with other artists (Adventure Club, Paris & Simo, Naji). She conceives an organic aural vibe and doesn’t hold anything back revealing penned tales of obstacles and life woes overcome by the art of bending frequencies.  Music like a diary goes through transitions and admittance’s; dive into Diamond’s soul and growth with these two recent releases; indulge below.

Diamond reflects on “Foreword,” “Foreword is one of my most straight forward songs to date- the storyline happened as it was written! Bumped into my ex at a gas station, one year after us breaking up. The overarching message is about overcoming obstacles that once seemed so mighty, yet now pale in comparison to the lessons learned through the struggle.”

Diamond reflects on “Latter,” “I wrote Latter during a transitional time in my life. I was slowly starting to break down the constructs I had created about the life I was supposed to live. Life was forcing me to confront my ideas of success, happiness and passion, in ways that I wasn’t expecting. That feeling of being out of control can either shatter or shift us – and through writing about it and self-reflecting, I allowed life to unfold the way it was meant to. It’s nice to have a song that I can turn to in moments of questioning, because being on the other end of the struggle I was going through, I know it’s possible. If you’re feeling lost, know that it is a part of the journey, and that you just have to ride the wave. Everything is temporary.”