Jade Novah Releases this Brilliant Debut Album ‘All Blue’

Any rising artist would die for their debut project to sound as full, polished, adroitly legendary and timeless as Jade Novah’s debut album All Blue.

The singer-songwriter and palpable vocal powerhouse Jade Novah releases her full-length Devin Johnson executive produced body of work brimming with 14 irrefutable tracks and one flawless lone feature from Kevin Ross. Most modern day projects take multiple listens before you actually begin to like the music – Novah’s aural appeal is instant. Each record captivates your ears, herds you into its moment and makes your face compress in meritorious loathing. No novice to the music industry having sang background vocals for top artists amid writing hits for them as well; this new seat on the artist thrown suits her well.

From vocally cocky records like “Bulletproof” to records dripping in glistening production like “Intuition” to euphoric records like “Zombie,” which record will be your favorite? It will be an arduous task to choose; it appears she designed it that way. Real music can’t and won’t die because of artists like Novah; indulge below, available on all distribution sites Tidal, Spotify and iTunes