Jessie Reyez – “Apple Juice”

Jessie Reyez, renowned for her lionhearted lyrical content, reels it back an iota with her latest single “Apple Juice,” a record dripping in penned references of how to love a soul like hers. If you’re not taught how to love you can only do what you believe is right. It’s like asking someone who’s never seen a tree to paint a tree and they end up drawling a toilet – same difference. A stunning vocal performance ,without a doubt, as she glides faultlessly over minimal production and shows off her range.

One of the most mesmerizing and versatile artist of our generation – easily. 

Broken home baby, how many do you know, a plethora I’m sure but their ignorance rides firmly on their lack of demonstration. Could you love Jessie Reyez , who wouldn’t want to but could you? 

Indulge in her latest single below!  



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