DaniLeigh Goes Off on New Single “Lil BeBe”

When you combine sass, beauty, valor and talent – you get DaniLeigh – and her new instantly appealing single and soon to be club banger “Lil BeBe.”

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and dancer releases her latest boss-up anthem with “Lil BeBe,” an undeniably infectious tune riddled in a chant like chorus, cavalier verses and soul thumping production. Without a doubt you’re going to immediately love this record from the first listen, a quick hip swaying effect followed by a head-bobbing, twerk-something frenzy. She raves about her upper echelon lifestyle, self-confidence, expectations and her ability to change your life. Riding the production with precision and finesse; we need a record like this right now for the summer and beyond. Check out DaniLeigh’s latest single below. 



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