Back to Back like Drake, Jaylii Releases Her “Nice 4 What” Visual and “Boo’d Up” Remix

It appears I can’t stop raving about one of the music industry’s most deserving starlets – Jaylii – who just released the Stone Mountain shot visual to her version of Drake’s “Nice 4 What” amid releasing her “Boo’d Up” remix yesterday.

Each original track rest fittingly on the Billboard charts but it’s apparent who should have been featured on their official remixes – Jaylii. The “Nice 4 What” remix off her Put Yourself On project rings as a household favorite. She flows like water over this track ingrained in epigrammatic, witty lyricism with some sanguine, cocky undertones. She raps because she knows how to and only gets better with time. Her “Boo’d Up” remixed laced in penned puns and some bawdy connotations gives it a separate feel from it’s predecessors.

In essence, each track represents lyrical warfare. Jaylii’s coming for that top spot and you can either be down with her krew or get bulldozed over – the choice is yours. 

Ikonic Lyrics “Boo’d Up:”

This 😻 p**** Got nine lives …

That Mean You Can Kill It Nine Times

All Before The Night Time .. Cause In The Morning We’ll Be Boo’d Up .. Pretending That It’s True Love

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