Rizzy Entario Releases Another Banger with His Latest Single “OTG (On the Grind)”

What separates the ordinary from the ikonic, isn’t talent alone, but consistency and an insatiable desire to give the world nothing but your best before you depart. 

It appears that Rizzy Entario, last featured for his single “Bad B” and his Ikonic Interview, returns with another single entitled “OTG” and that insatiable hunger mentioned above. The visual ,which has already garnered an amazing 11,000 views in two days, shows a smooth Rizzy cruising through his London’s streets with his day one’s and a Bad B for good measure. He’s on his grind and has no intentions of slamming on the brakes but indeed attacking the industry full throttle. More than just a relatable track for the assiduous and esurient but an anthem for those who desire such a hustle. 

You don’t become famed by being erratic and comatose but by keeping that same energy that made you start making music in the first place! Entario won’t lose his vitality; check out his latest single and visual below.