IKONIC VISUAL: Emmit Fenn & Vic Mensa Release this Lyrically Stirring New Single “Pouring Rain”

It’s this type of music that lead to my addiction to the sonic arts, these type of melodic lyrical tales told over crooning instruments provide us with one of the most remedial world entities.  

Vic Mensa and Emmit Fenn gift us a record deluged in pain, cyclical realizations and truths. In a generation of the blind leading the blind how must we prevail? “Pouring Rain” features heart-gripping verses from Mensa containing the penned content of urban perennial inevitabilities of drug use and drug trafficking. The elite step outside of merely what they were told and become whatever they desire to be. However, when you are born into a broken home riddled with drug use, project living and thug motivation the outcome seems imminent. 

The Bobby Hanaford directed visual holds onto your center piece until the very end.

You will curl your face up in acceptance of the perpetuation of truth that this record entails; more than music this is a novel 400 years old shoved into three minutes of pure genius.   

Fenn reflects , “The song to me, and why I originally wrote it in the first place was just this realization that we don’t have to face problems in our life alone. There are so many outlets for support that we can forget about and it’s important to realize that we’re much stronger when we face them together. “



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