Madison Paris Releases a Summer Blazer with “Oh Mama ft. Micah Million”

Everyone loves a record that makes their head bob, hips sway and soul gyrate – you can thank Madison Paris once you’re done listening to her most recent release “Oh Mama.”

A vibe is a vibe – you can’t make it up – you have to create it. Madison Paris teams up with Micah Million for this undeniable track deluged in witty and pithy wordplay amid stimulating melodies over pocket-fitting production. Good music melds genres and Paris does so adroitly combining soul, pop and hip-hop all the while maintaining her muliebrity alongside one of the industry’s rising MC’s – Million. “Oh Mama” cascades over supercilious, sultry undertones and complimentary lyrical anecdotes from Million. This duo feeds off each other creating an unassailable wave of good melodic omens.

Allure paralleled with her infectious swagger and star quality severs her from the masses.  Check out the latest summer blazer below! 

“It was my first time working with Micah Million and we instantly caught a vibe. We didn’t really plan it but ended up making the song in a couple hours. It’s always best when it’s like that!” – says Madison Paris of the track.