Young M.A Lets the Song Cry in Her New Single “Car Confessions”

Young M.A’s been twitter teasing at the release of her new single “Car Confessions” and tonight she’s finally delivered. It’s safe to say that ,with M.A, it’s quiet before the storm. With her most recent hit “Petty Wap” barely a month old “Car Confessions” follows closely behind but no ones complaining! This track sends listeners into another head-bobbing frenzy as she lets her pen descend over favorable, crooning production amid admission permeated lyricism inculcated in authentic New York MC vibes.

She lets this song cry, thanking fans, revealing life trials, growth and contemplative car cruising omens thus the fittingly titled record. Young M.A will be a classic because of her versatility and vulnerability in her music.

You don’t just hear this record you feel it and it feels you back, enveloping your soul in it’s candor.

The Madden 2019 featured single will ring on your virtual fields and on your playlists if you’re wise. Check out Young M.A’s latest hit below.


Young M.A raps:

But it’s a lot of pressure I’m tryna stick and move through the s***

Fixing these bumps on the road so I can just cruise through the s***

Living my life on the road I’m tryna get used to the s*** and when they throw dirt I just act like a broom to the s***

Tryna stay true to the s*** even when they lie on me / world on my shoulders my girl can’t even cry on me