Leon Bridges Takes Us Back in Time with Latest Acoustic Version of his Single “Beyond”

An old soul cultivates the best sounds because they’ve been a sponge to the times before them and the times before them. They stand solidly on a fusion of then and now sonic utterances and aren’t afraid to let their music reek with truths and narrative – that’s Leon Bridges. 


Fort Worth, Texas native singer, songwriter and producer Leon Bridges releases the acoustic version of his sultry, depth riddled single “Beyond,” a stunning vocal performance inculcated in colorful lyrical tales. “Beyond,” a record that dives beyond the surface of the times, in a generation struggling to include intensity in their music – Bridges shines so bright. This old soul croons fervidly in this country blues jams dripping in live sound and a love story of possibilities. It is the possibility of happily ever after that makes it insatiable and sought after by just about everyone. Delve into Bridges below.