Bones & Bridges Release Reflective New Single “Go Figure”

Being translucent in your music and gifting listeners a narrative to follow along with during their listening experience will separate you from the momentary and the timeless.


Bones & Bridges comprised of Anthony Arthur, Atom Martin and TEE, formed in 2016, release their new single “Go Figure” brimming in penned frankness and poetic like verses. With stirring lines like, “You’d always say what I’d want to hear ’cause you learned how to play with all my fears,” this record reels you into its moment, its past and its present. Bones & Bridges reveal an account of love, pain, deception and overcoming. Aurally speaking this record sends your head into a bobbing frenzy, causing your eyes to close in lyric felt intensity amid peaking. shifting production.

Bones & Bridges reflect, Go Figure,” the follow-up to our debut single “Reveries,” reflects on the feeling of loving and supporting someone with all you’ve got – only to find out that they never loved you at all. We drew on past experiences of being both the hero and the villain in different relationships, to result in a tragically beautiful track – melancholy lyrics contrasted by surprisingly uplifting production.

Hinged on the & that connects us to one another, Bones represents the inner darkness that can live within us all, and is contrasted by Bridges, which alludes to hopefulness and optimism.