Devvon Terrell Releases Cool Effects Doused Visual to his New Single “Switching Sides”

Devvon Terrell is incontestably one of this generations most organic talents. Potent lyricism emanates from his being in such a plain sailing matter that all those who truly admire the art of music have no choice but to revere his aptitude.

Devvon Terrell releases his new visual and single “Switching Sides” which keeps the same energy as previous records like “You Different” and “Business and Pleasure.” There is something so playfully effortless in regards to how he attacks his music, his creative process and the unsullied final outcome. He doesn’t just make a song. He makes a record, a moment, a story – one of the best story tellers this generation has witnessed in quite some time in regards to his multifaceted and fully aware modus operandi.

The self produced and directed visual places Terrell on a lofty caliber of creative genius shifting from mirrored self images, to dancing, to body-less head holding from a striking fed-up female. With each release it’s not just a moment to musically shine but for him to radiate as an overall artist. “Switching Sides” lyrically touches on modern day relationships, social media infused feuds, double standards and more; guess you’ll have to take a listen below to see what all the hype is about!