Young M.A Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers – Freestyle #055

Young M.A asked fans to not go dry on her in her latest single release “Car Confessions” and freestyles like this are the reason why. The Brooklyn native snaps over a classic Busta Rhymes instrumental flowing effortlessly. This freestyle reminds us of the early and ravenous M.A who snapped on earlier releases like “Eat” and “Body Bag.” It’s moments like this that remind us of how much she adores the art of forming words together and making them rhyme over head-thumping productions. For those that were sleep, stay woke – she’s not letting up anytime soon for it is always calm before the storm! Indulge in her latest freestyle for the L.A. Leakers below. 

Young M.A Raps:

Girl your body is a trophy got my eyes on the prize

Keep the Nina in the bed let her see the sunrise 

and I keep a knife just in case I gotta cut ties

Never really was a fan of having best friends, See I’m the type to get more money less friends

Life is all about lessons and I learned a lesson to never make less than the next man