Detroit Based Artist Reem Releases Stirring New Single “Higher”

The charm of music endowed in lyrical depth is its inherent ability to penetrate your soul and swarm you into its moment such as Reem has done with her new single “Higher.”

Detroit based singer and songwriter Reem relinquishes this sure fire cinematic-like chantey crawling with metaphoric and poetic like lyricism amid lines such as, “Using what I got as a ladder, never giving up even though it’s hard to climb” – she yanks you in.

If you’re a fan of Janine and Sabrina Claudio you’ll love this rising songbird. Everyone needs a reminder of their strength and limitless possibilities even through life’s most blackened stages. Reem brandishes her vocal scope marking this the perfect tune to truly showcase her abilities as an artist. “Higher,” a spine-chilling ballad bound to catapult Reem to esteemed heights. New artists have something to say, something to be remember by and Reem clearly has a story to tell. This is only the dawn of her arrival, induldge below.

Explains Reem, “This song is about believing in yourself, even in the darkest moments.”