IV Releases Haunting New Single “Creep” (Prod. SkipOnDaBeat)

If you are willing to let music trap your soul in a state of euphoria amidst an intoxicating melodic frenzy and cloudy lyricism executed by a haunting voice then IV’s got you covered with her latest single “Creep.” 

The St. Louis native, obvious beauty and rising songstress IV releases this new SkipOnDaBeat produced single that’s bound to get your subconscious swaying. She expertly cruises over the track switching her flow and tone tugging you into her moment. This modern wave of music represents a true vibe something that can last in and out time.

IV inhabits a natural allure and a versatility that will break her out of any box the industry tries to shove her into. Listening to her music is similar to plunging right into her psyche and getting the chance to swim around, explore before your rise to the surface at the records climax. A new playlist favorite for sure; check out her latest release and more from her below.