Niko Khalé – “Unconditional Love”

Real and irrefutable bars bark from Niko Khalé’s latest release “Unconditional Love.” More than just an Instagram rap sensation and Keyshia Cole’s new beau Khalé gifts the industry some true lyrical talent. In a generation consumed by mumble rap it’s nice to know that, that’s not all the current generation has to offer. 

“Unconditional Love” brimming with penned narratives of love, growth and life realizations amid evoking some inevitable head-bobbing tendencies marks it as a definite record to add to your playlist. It’s evident that when listening to a record from this budding star you have to do so closely and keep up because he has quite the story to tell with a speed we haven’t heard in years. Each record hearkens like a chapter in his book of life as he knows it. Check out Khalé latest release below!