Pardison Fontaine Releases a New Banger “Rap Charlamagne (Say What I Want) “

Newburgh, NY native Pardison Fontaine, last featured for his gritty single “Food Stamps,” returns with another banger aptly titled “Rap Charlamagne.” After being uploaded to Youtube for a mere nine hours it was taken down but re-uploaded via Vimeo that way his fans aren’t deprived due to some frivolous legalities. You may recognize the instrumental as Nicki Minaj’s “Hard White” track off her album Queen, however, Charlamagne states that he heard the instrumental by way of Fontaine first. Hip-hop’s new heavyweight attacks this record in a completely different fashion than Minaj.

In essence, this is another track that allows us to drift through Fontaine’s hard-knocks upbringing in the unforgiving streets of Newburgh – it has substance. The beauty of this Section 8 to section buying story is that he’s remains unpretentious and draws on the fortitude of his upbringing to ride the tides of this ruthless music business amid his own personal trials.

Deluged in witty wordplay and gallant truths, something like the ever-flowing and blunt mouth of The Breakfast Club’s own Charlamagne, results in the perfect title to sum up such a track!