Real Hip-Hop is that You? Reason – “Better Dayz”

Hip-Hop’s newcomer and recent TDE Signee,Reason , who made quite the splash amid his Black Panther movie soundtrack feature returns with another lyrical outcry fittingly titled “Better Dayz.” The best music confesses penned tales of what’s going on around us and how it shapes our being. Reason represents that type of music, the type of music that will last in and out of time, not to mention this record officially released in 2016 on his project The Free Album. However, its re-release under the tutelage of TDE will bring it some well deserved acclaim.

With witty lines likes, “I will make it / You will know me / You will love it / So much Will in these raps you think Uncle Phil love it,” it’s apparent that his pen game is pretty icy. 

This is a record for the everyday hustler, for the souls seeking therapy and for the people who just want something to ride to. Check it out below. 

Reason raps:

Damn, I’m just praying for better dayz

My older cousin been dabbling in cocaine sniffing / We should be headed to new Bugatti lane switchin’

Instead he banging that neighborhood and gang living / And blow a n**** brains out if they don’t bang with him

This the same n**** I ate Captain Crunch with

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