IKONIC VISUAL: Sophia Danai – “Guns and Gold”

Two deadly weapons, guns and gold, one lethal vocalist and one ikonic visual – let’s give Sophia Danai all the praise for her latest release!

Danai last featured for her soul yanking single “Come Thru” returns with a new captivation entitled “Guns and Gold” loaded with intrepid lyricism and a brawny message of women empowerment encapsulated in a fusion of genres from blues to rock to soul to pop. With thought provoking lines like, “I can’t fight it, in my heart there is a riot, won’t you pray for me,” she jerks you into her moment – what a knack for lyrical imagery!

Good music tells a story and those of adversity usually are the fuel for some of the most fabled records of all time. Danai’s been through some shady record deals, a tumultuous marriage and the inevitable woes that come with life but still she remains durable in spite of.

The visual bleeds with strong, beautiful woman undefeated by life’s turbulence; check it out below.